Churchill Court Catering are open over Christmas 2014 for Adelaide Food Truck and Catering Services (excluding public holidays).


The best corporate catering in Adelaide for your Christmas function

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Do you have an upcoming block party? If yes, you have a duty of ensuring that your guests are happy and satisfied with the food you service them with. This requires you to plan carefully on the type of food to give to your guests. Whichever decision you make, ensure that the satisfaction of your guests is not compromised in any way. The big question is: How do you achieve this? Well, there are several effective options you can go for. One of them is to hire the best finger food corporate catering services. Finger foods always come in handy in situations where large amount of food is required...

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Winning with corporate catering to delight

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It’s late in the evening and you have just been informed that you have to provide lunch for a meeting on the next day. This is the time when you wish you would call in stick to work but that wouldn’t work for long. The best solution for this kind of situation is to get corporate catering services. You will find corporate catering services that provide for corporate events. This would save you from all that stress wasting all your energy. With a corporate catering service, you wouldn’t have to worry about how to feed your guests. When hiring a corporate catering service, there are a few...

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Quality corporate catering for Adelaide businesses

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If you are looking for exceptional food corporate catering services, we at Churchill Court Corporate catering are known for offering excellent services. Our team of professionals have years of superior experience offering food corporate catering services and we pride in being the best in the market with a variety of menus to suite your occasions needs. We can also tailor our services to suite your budget and preferences so you need not be worried about costs. Whatever your taste, we will work with it to present you a reasonably priced menu that has variety of foods to choose from. We have...

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Looking for finger food for your next corporate event in Adelaide?

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Preparing finger foods for a large number of guests can be costly especially since you will be required to gather the necessary food items by yourself. Fingers foods are prepared using a variety of ingredients and apparatus, most of which are quite expensive. But with a reliable restaurant such as Churchill Court Corporate catering, you are assured of getting the best finger foods at a reasonable cost. You will also be able to save enough time since this restaurant has the capacity to prepare large amounts of finger foods at once. They also have the best caterers around. Fortunately, there...

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Tips for hiring corporate catering in Adelaide

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When planning for a corporate event, hiring corporate catering service is your best option. With a professional corporate catering service, you can be assured of good services. You wouldn’t have to worry whether everyone has eaten or not. There are a lot of things to take care of when planning any event. The most important is to make sure that everyone gets something to eat. This can be quite challenging especially if you are organising a large event. This is where you need the services of a professional.   With a corporate catering service, you can be sure that the feeding of the...

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Corporate Catering Adelaide can trust

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At Churchill Court Corporate catering, we are known for our exquisite foods that are presented in very attractive ways. We are trusted by our customers for our quality services and delicious foods that you and your guests are guaranteed to enjoy and make your occasion a memorable one. We are experienced in offering corporate catering services for birthdays, farewell parties, engagement parties, corporate events among many others and we are also experienced in handling big and small groups. We offer exceptional food corporate catering services for both casual and fancy occasions and with us...

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