Churchill Court Catering are open over Christmas 2014 for Adelaide Food Truck and Catering Services (excluding public holidays).

Churchill Court Lunch Vans


Welcome to the Adelaide lunch van service that brings new meaning to customer service.

Hot and Cold Tasty FRESH Food direct to you
“Fresh Everyday… all day”.

Adelaide Snack Vans from Churchill Court Lunch Vans - Fresh Everyday… all dayWe have a great choice of food ready, and delivered fresh to your door every day. We strive to ensure that you are getting the best and freshest product every time you use one of our services. We stock our vans just before they leave in the morning and then several times throughout the day ensuring that not only is your smoko food fresh but also your lunch.
Ask for a sample platter when booking your first lunch van service.

Our Approach

Keeping our customers happy through Great Food and Great Service.

We achieve this through the use of quality ingredients, and through ensuring that our food is rotated, refilled and restocked – not once but several times a day. All of our food is prepared fresh daily at Churchill Court Snack Bar.

Our Promise

We deliver excellent customer service with a little fun and laughter thrown in. We promise to deliver the best product, to your door at a time that is convenient to you, year round. Don’t just take our word for it; ask for a tasting platter to try our delicious food before you decide to start our Lunch Van deliveries.

Churchill Court Corporate Catering Lunch Van selection